5 Best Scholarships in Ontario for International Students

    5 Best Scholarships in Ontario for International Students

    5 Best Scholarships in Ontario for International Students


    5 Best Scholarships in Ontario for International Students

    Named in honor of Ontario Province, it is the most populous in Canada. It is home to the capitalcity, Ottawa and is it is home to more than 38 percent of Canadian residents.

    This has resulted in Ontario an important hub for colleges and universities. The province is home to twenty-two public institutions, and 24 of which are public colleges as well as 17 private religious schools.


    The vast array of education options – and the wide use of the English language make Ontario an extremely popular destination for foreigners. Actually, it is home to the largest amount of international students, with 223,000plus.

    In light of the large number of foreign students enrolling It’s not a surprise that there are numerous scholarships in Ontario open to international students.


    The Best Scholarships in Ontario

    1. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

    • Scholarship Link
    • The amount of the scholarship is up to CAD40,000/$31,860 per year
    • Eligible Degree: Doctorate degree at participating Ontario Universities

    The Ontario Trillium Scholarship is an entry-level award that is given to fully-time Ph.D. students who have an Canadian student permit. It is worth CAD $40,000/$31,860 and is funded by and the Government of Ontario and the universities that are participating. The funds provided by the latter can be as a tuition/research assistantship or monetary scholarship.

    To be eligible for this award to be eligible for this scholarship in Ontario the candidate must be able to demonstrate a first-class grade (the equivalent to A) during both years of studies prior to the doctoral program.

    If the scholar becomes an permanent citizen of Canada throughout their time of study They will be required to pay for the amount that is sponsored through the institution.

    Students currently enrolled at an Ontario institution are not qualified for the award. Students who have another scholarship are considered not eligible as well.


    The universities involved will be responsible for the selection procedure. They will be responsible for choosing the award recipients from their list of the top candidates.


    2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program

    • Scholarship Link
    • Maximum Scholarship: 15,000 CAD/$11,950 USD per term for up to 4 years
    • Qualifications: Master’s or Doctoral degrees at one of the participating Ontario Universities

    OGS is an merit-based scholarships in Ontario that is available to international graduate students who would like to attend Ontario’s participating universities. Similar to the Trillium Scholarship the government will cover 2/3 of the cost, while the university will pay the remainder of the fees.

    OGS is available for at least 1 academic calendar year. In contrast OGS is issued for the maximum of two years for master’s students, and four years for Ph.D. Students.

    However, those who are interested in applying to OGS must be in OGS programme must taking part in a full-time Master’s/Ph.D. program for a minimum of two years.

    It is likely that the student will be accepted into one of the universities that are part of Ontario. That’s why they’ll have to complete their application forms to begin with.

    Scholars will be awarded in accordance with the selection process for the university as well as the university’s requirements.


    3. University of Toronto – Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship

    • Scholarship Link
    • Award amount: Full tuition
    • The degree that is eligible for admission is a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Toronto (U of T)

    U of T, founded in 1827, is Canada’s most prestigious university. An international top performer in research and teaching It continues to attract top foreign students by offering a variety of scholarships. One of them includes The Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarship.

    It is named after his former prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, this award is awarded to students who have been acknowledged as outstanding at their schools. It covers all tuition in addition to the costs of additional fees, study materials as well as accommodation.

    To be qualified to receive this Ontario scholarship, an international student must currently be attending secondary school. In spite of this, recent graduates will be considered equally eligible.

    Like other scholarships, the students cannot apply for it by themselves. The schools they attend must nominate them within the scholarship pool.


    The same applies to the scholarship. It is only available to those who have indicated U at T. as their first option on the application.

    Results are announced at the at the end of April each year.

    4. University of Waterloo International Student Awards

    • Scholarship Link
    • The amount of the scholarship is up to CAD 24,504/$19,000.00 for up to four years
    • The degree that is eligible for admission is a Master’s or Doctorate Degree from the University of Waterloo

    The University of Waterloo is a public research institute located within Waterloo, Ontario. Established in 1959, it is among the universities in the region that provide numerous scholarships to international graduate students.

    The International Master’s (IMSA) and Doctoral (IDSA) Students Awards are part of this list of Ontario scholarships for international students.

    The amount of waiver is determined on the specific program and includes Ph.D. students receiving an amount that is at least CAD 24,504/$19.520. The amount of this bursary can vary based on the scholar’s academic records. The largest amount is usually awarded to students who were admitted to a master’s degree.

    The funds for IMSA awardees on the contrary, is lower at CAD 2,570/$2,050 for each period.

    IMSA is available to all students who have the Canadian student visa. In addition, they must be in pursuit of an MA, MFA, MES or MMATH MSC as well as an MSC course at the university.

    Similar to the majority of Ontario awards, IMSA and IDSA scholars are not eligible for other financial aid of any kind.

    5. Global Leadership Award

    • Scholarship Link
    • Scholarship amount: CAD 18,000/$14.335 per year for four years
    • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree from Ontario Tech

    Ontario Tech, formally known as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is a non-profit educational institution that is located in Oshawa. The name itself suggests that it provides Engineering and Computer-related programs. In these courses the school is placed third and fourth respectively.

    Ontario Tech offers various scholarships for foreign students, the most prestigious can be The Global Leadership Award. This is a bursary that’s awarded on the basis of an application to outstanding undergraduate students outside of Canada.


    The scholarship, which is worth CAD 18,000 or $14,335 per year over four consecutive years is a competition kind of award. This is why it is given to applicants with strong leadership and academic skills.

    To be qualified to be eligible for this Ontario award, the candidate should not have previously attended an institution of higher education prior to. Furthermore, the applicant should be able to complete an average of 80 hours of courses per period.

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