Fruit Picker Needed At Thwaites Farms Ltd in Langton, Ontario

    Fruit Picker Needed At Thwaites Farms Ltd in Langton, Ontario

    If you’re looking to be employed in Canada as fruit picker, you’re in luck since there are numerous jobs to work in Canada that are available to you. It is the Thwaites Farms Ltd, located within Langton Ontario is in search of fruit pickers that can spend a minimum of 6 hours a day on the farm picking fruits like tomato, vegetable including cherry, apple tomato, strawberry, and various other fruits. This job is available only to people who are who are from Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and other African countries. The job is also open to those from Asia such as India, Filipino, etc.


    Fruit Picker Needed At Thwaites Farms Ltd in Langton, Ontario

    Job Description

    Language: English


    Education: No degree, certificate or diploma

    Experience: Experience is an asset


    Particular Skills Learn to sort and pack vegetables, fruits load-unload and transfer crates, equipment and the farm’s produce

    Extra Skills: Maintain a clean work environment

    Sorts of Fruits: Apple Cherry Strawberry, Grapes, Citrus, Orange, Tomatoes,

    Work Place of Work: Rural and Agricultural Area


    Working As A Fruit Farmer In Canada

    The work of fruiting farms falls part of the sector of agricultural jobs in Canada according to sources, Canada values its agricultural sector as it does not just generate a lot of revenue for the nation through exports It also helps ensure that food is available to the majority of the people living in Canada.


    It is expected that you work in the rural regions of Canada in which the farms are situated. The major cities are typically miles away from rural areas, which some might consider to be a challenge. However, if you like peace and quiet countryside then there’s no issue living near the farm.

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    It’s because it’s a form of agriculture that people believe doesn’t pay very well (which isn’t the case) there aren’t many Canadian would like to work in the field. In contrast, for immigrants, this could be an excellent opportunity to come to Canada since there are many jobs available for fruits pickers, such as cherry pickers, apple pickers, strawberries tomato pickers and many more.

    What is the average salary for a Fruit Picker in Canada?

    There is no set wage range for an employee of the fruit industry in Canada. However, your earnings will be contingent on a variety of elements like the type of job in the farm and the payment plan for employees and the province you’ll work in, as well as the benefits offered by employers, which differ. The monthly salary range will be between 1500$ and 3200$. The company will also offer other benefits to employees, such as accommodation, food as well as medical expenses. Also , depending on the terms that you’re able to agree and with your boss, you salary could be susceptible to an increase each year.

    The responsibilities of Fruit Farmers

    It is necessary to water soil and plants using various equipment, such as an inflatable-pipe or ditch system

    Fruits can be picked and stored in the midst of harvest.


    Use a tractor or a truck to move materials, equipment and supplies, as well as workers and even products.

    You’ll need to operate and drive many agricultural equipment and machines on the farm.

    Mix chemicals and spray them on plants and trees, the vines and other grounds of the farm, using solutions to combat pests, fungus and weed growthas well as diseases.

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    Aid in the growth of the fruit and produce more quality fruit, that means you need to trim runners, flowers and unripe fruit.

    How do I apply?

    To be a fruit picker , you must first apply for a legal visa to Canada in the event that you aren’t currently in Canada. You must obtain a valid work permit or worker’s visa in order to be able to legally work in Canada.


    You can apply for a job

    By email

    In the post

    4127 Brooklyn Street

    Berwick, NS

    B0P 1E0




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