How Much Does It Cost to Study Masters in Canada

    How Much Does It Cost to Study Masters in Canada

    Every student wants to attend college in Canada. The benefits you reap as a student by studying in Canada surpass the price and costs that go along with it. In this article, we’ll examine the cost for you to complete your master’s in Canada.


    How Much Does It Cost to Study Masters in Canada

    There are a myriad of factors that can affect the price that you have to pay for your education in Canada including the school, the program, the place where you live and many other. Also, you should know that international students have to pay more for fees for tuition and other charges in comparison to students that are Canadians and permanent resident.


    How Much Do Domestic Students Pay?

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    Canadians or permanent citizens have access to many benefits, like grants, scholarships, fees reductions provided by government of Canadian government. It is the Canadian federal government also has invested more into Canadian education, so that tuition fees and the overall cost of education are affordable for everyone.


    Students from the country of Canada are paying less than half of the amount that international students have to pay. the most recent study shows that for the 2020-2021 academic year, the cost for masters degrees in Canada was between the between CAD $2500 (USD $1,955) and CAD $18,000 (USD $14,080).

    The amount is higher If you’re taking medical courses, MBA, and others. The price of a course in MBA will be CAD $57,328 (USD 4 062). If you’d want to know more about the costs of many MBA courses offered in Canada you can find the details here.

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    Students can also be charged other costs, including, for continuing fees (for students who want to study beyond the duration of the course) you’ll be charged lower that CAD $1000 (USD $782) often more, health insurance typically is between CAD $200 to CAD 300 (USD $157-235) or a further fee that may comprise fees for administrative expenses as well as services and resources which could cost you approximately CAD 100 (USD $78).

    How Much Do International Students Pay?

    Students from other countries pay twice what students in the United States pay for tuition and other costs. For a master’s degree, students must pay an average of $17,744 (USD $13,880) and $25,044 (USD $21,080).


    Another thing to think about is the price of health insurance, which is mandatory on all undergraduates. There is no need to pay for health insurance if are studying in one of the provinces listed below as they usually provide international students with their healthcare plans that are public.

    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Saskatchewan

    In the other provinces like Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec it is necessary to purchase an insurance policy for health. The cost of health insurance is between CAD $600 to CAD $1,000 annually (USD 470-782).

    The most affordable universities for a Master’s Degrees

    Memorial University of Newfoundland:

    Average Tuition Fee in CAD 4,040

    Brandon University:

    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 8,591


    University of Saskatchewan:

    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 6,536

    University of British Columbia:

    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 7,641

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    University of Alberta:


    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 10,260

    University of Manitoba:

    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 10,280

    University of Guelph:

    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 10,544

    McGill University:

    Average Tuition Fees CAD 12,600

    University of Calgary:

    Average Tuition Fees CAD 12,695

    University of Moncton: 


    Average Tuition Fee of CAD 12,030

    What is the cost of living in Canada?

    Living expenses includes food accommodation, transportation and so on. Depending on the province you live in, you could have to pay more for food or accommodation, or less.

    • On-campus Rent 600$
    • Cell phone (basic bundle) $30
    • Public Transit Pass $40
    • Food and Groceries $300
    • Entertainment/Clothes/Gifts $80
    • Car: Insurance $1500
    • Car: $200 for fuel

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