How Students are Moving to Canada After the Pandemic

    How Students are Moving to Canada After the Pandemic

    In normal years many thousands of students from abroad come to Canada to continue their studies. However, given the current circumstances that year, 2020 isn’t an ordinary year. The coronavirus outbreak has a catastrophic impact on the economies of all over the world as well as affecting people’s Canadian the process of immigration in numerous ways, starting with the travel restrictions and lockdowns.


    How Students are Moving to Canada After the Pandemic

    The pandemic threat led to Canada close its borders to non-essential travel. But, the government has declared that the borders will remain open to international students. They will welcome more than 1 million new immigrants between 2020 and 2022 in order to boost their economy. When they made their announcement, they were unaware that they’d be the subject of an enormous issue.


    The necessary documents to be able to travel to Canada in this difficult time include a valid study permit and a valid travel document such as the Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as well as an after-graduation work permit.

    The most current changes to immigration and development rules state starting on October 20th, 2020, international students who attend in a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) must be able to use a COVID-19-ready plan. They can come into Canada after having been approved by their provincial authorities of their self-isolation.



    The DLI must ensure that they adhere to these rules;

    The purpose of the DLI will guide the students to obtain basic items like medication and food during their 14-day period of quarantine.

    They should ensure that their students are prepared to observe the mandatory 14 days of solitary time upon their arrival in the country.


    An action plan needs to be implemented to disseminate correct information to students on their health as well as their travel needs prior to their entry into the country.

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    The DLI is required to safeguard students’ health if there are instances of positive health.

    The students are advised to stop any plans until they have received proper authorization and other requirements. Similar to earlier students from abroad requires an approved study permit. An introduction letter confirms that they have been approved for an academic permit. If your program of study was cancelled or suspended, you won’t be permitted to enter the country.

    Postgraduate students who would like to move to Canada to pursue their studies, they may be able to attend an online class during the interim. Regarding the covid-19 epidemic, covid-19 pandemic, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have allowed students to take an online course, and to do so during their stay in their countries, they can are able to apply for a working permit once they have graduated.

    People frequently ask how they get their study permit in the midst of this pandemic. In order to obtain your study permit students need to provide the following documents:

    Essential Documents required to get an academic permit;

    • Letter of acceptance issued by a designated educational establishment (DLI) located in Canada,
    • The proof of eligibility to get study permits, excluding documents not accessible because of covid.
    • Evidence of money,
    • Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ). This is only valid for students who have applied for admission to Quebec schools.

    Students are issued an approval letter following the submission of their study permit. They must then bring the permit to Canada and then present them in the Canadian port of entry (POE). Because of the immigration office’s closing, students applying were granted a half-approval on their permit to study.

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    Many applicants for study have difficulty obtaining some of the required documents for their biometrics, medical exam outcomes, certificates from police as well as their travel papers. The study permit you are applying for will not be denied in the event that these documents are not present because of the pandemic.

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