How to Apply For The American Visa Lottery 2021/2022 [APPLY NOW]

    Application process: American Visa lottery (2021)

    Below are the steps and guides on the application process of the American lottery program.

    • Entry form

    This is the first step of the application process is filling out an entry form via You will be asked to provide some information about yourself. After filling the application form, then you can submit it. You are also allowed to fix any subsequent issues with your application and then re-submit the application.

    Note: you must come from an eligible country before you are allowed to apply for the American visa program.

    • Photo ID 

    You will need a photo ID that is compliant with the government’s format and requirements. You can do that comfortably with your phone using the iVisa photo services. Here, you will get clear guidelines for taking photos. It is very easy to take a good shot using the iVisa ID passport services.  Here is how to do it;

    Firstly, you will have to choose the document that you want the passport for. Secondly, you will choose the format you want to receive your photo (either printed or digital)


    Finally, you can upload the headshot using your mobile phone.

    • Confirmation number

    After your application, you will be given a confirmation number. The confirmation number will serve as proof that you applied for the Diversity Visa program.

    For more information, visit their website at

    Application for American lottery Visa

    After following the guidelines above, you will be provided with the next steps of the application. You will be notified if your application has been approved.


    Applying for the 2021 American Visa lottery does not guarantee that you will be selected. The department of state is responsible for selecting the individuals that are offered Visas of residence into the country.


    The department of State randomly selects about 50, 000 people for the diversity visas or green card lottery program. This procedure is carried out every year for immigrants to balance the diversity of the country.

    However, selection does not guarantee you a Diversity visa. You will be provided with information about the requirements and guidelines of a Visa application.

    About the Diversity Visa Lottery

    The diversity visa lottery is a program that is organized by the Department of the state that selects people in eligible countries for a Diversity visa lottery.

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    This process is aimed at increasing the diversity of immigrants in the United States of America. The lottery is mostly eligible to countries that don’t send a lot of immigrants to the united state. The Diversity program provides a means for immigrants who are looking for ways to legally immigrate to the US or get a green card.

    Requirements for the Visa lottery

    Just like we said earlier, getting selected doesn’t guarantee being offered a visa. On the other hand, if you are selected, there are certain requirements that you will have to meet to get a green card.

    • Education

    Applicants are expected to have a high school certificate to be eligible for the Diversity Visa program. Alternatively, two years of experience with a U.S establishment that requires two years of training would be required. This work experience should not be later than five years before the application.

    • Country of Origin status

    Diversity Visa lottery in the United States is only eligible to some countries. These include countries that have sent less than 50, 000 immigrants to the United States in the last five years. Further in this article, we are going to list some of the countries eligible for Visa in the United States.  With the number associated with the eligibility, inevitably, the eligible countries will change from time to time.

    However, countries like China, Canada, India, Mexico, and the United Kingdom are less likely to be eligible. This is because they send many immigrants to the United States.

    Selection and approval of the American visa lottery

    After the application, the applicants will wait for selection. This selection is chosen randomly by a computer program. During the selection, several Visas are assigned to every region around the globe. These Diversity visas are balanced in such a way that no country is allocated more than seven percent in a year.

    Winners of the America visa lottery will likely be notified in the following year. You will be able to check your Diversity Visa status by using the confirmation number you received during your application.


    If you win the 2021 American visa lottery, you will now be able to apply for your Visa. The next step will be to confirm when you can submit your visa application.

    Visas are usually ready from the 1st of October which is the first day of the United States government’s fiscal year. Visa applications are only allowed three months before this time.

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    Based on your residence, the method of Visa application might differ. Below is a breakdown of how the application works.

    • Visa Lottery Winners Outside the United States

    For those who do not reside in the United States, you are to apply for a Visa through the U.S consulate in your home country. After this, an interview will be scheduled after which if passed, your visa will be approved.

    • Visa Lottery Winners residing in the United States

    Temporary immigration residents in the United States will go through a different process from those residing outside the U.S. For these applicants, you will apply for a green card via the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

    How to spot a red flag

    The American visa lottery is a good opportunity which means they are a lot of fraudsters trying to take advantage of immigrants. Here, we will give you some information to help you avoid scammers and fraudsters.

    • The department of state does not ask for any fee to participate in the Visa lottery. If you are asked by any individual or agency to pay any amount of money, it might be a shady deal.
    • The department of state does not give notification of the lottery winners via text, mail, Email, or phone call. However, you can check your application via the Entrant status check page.

    If you notice any of the above situations, make sure to get more credibility before signing up for anything.

    You should always be cautious of scammers on the internet who offer vague promises.

    For more information, visit the official website of the Department of State

    Eligible countries for the American Visa lottery 2021

    Like we mentioned earlier, the Visa lottery is available for countries that have sent less than 50, 000 immigrants to the U.S in the last five years. If you are a native of these eligible countries, then you qualify to get a Visa. If your country is ineligible, you might also get a Visa if you meet certain conditions like having ties with an eligible country.


    Below is a list of the countries that are eligible for the 2021 American Visa lottery

    • Bangladesh
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • Columbia
    • Dominican Republic
    • El Salvador
    • Haiti
    • Honduras
    • India
    • Jamaica
    • Mexico
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Peru
    • Philippines
    • South Korea
    • Unites Kingdom (except Northern Ireland)
    • Vietnam
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    Dependent countries in the United Kingdom (I.e Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Island, Cayman Island, Montserrat Cairn, St. Helena, and Turks, and Caicos Island) are also not eligible for the lottery Visa.

    However, you can still qualify for the Visa lottery if you are not from an eligible country. This can be possible if you have a spouse who is a citizen of the United States. Alternatively, if your parents are from a country that qualifies for the Visa lottery, you can still qualify.

    For Instance, if you were born in Canada, which is a country that is not eligible for the Visa lottery, but your spouse was born in Northern Ireland, which is an eligible country, you can use your spouse country of birth (Northern Ireland) as your country of eligibility. This can only be possible if you include your spouse in your Visa application.

    Completing your high school education in the United States is another criterion to qualify for the Visa lottery.

    If you are eligible, the above guides will help you if you want to apply for the 2021 American Visa lottery.

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