How to Obtain A Canadian Student Visa

    The process to obtain the Canadian student visa begins with obtaining admission to any of the Canadian universities. After that, you’ll need you will be issued a student study permit that permits you to attend every Designated Learning Institution in Canada and a student visa that allows you to enter and stay for a period of time in Canada.


    It is essential for students to get an authorization and visa to pursue studies in Canada prior to their entry into the country. They must meet all criteria and requirements according to regulations of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations.

    The steps to help you get the student visa you need to study and reside in Canada


    1. Select Your School

    First, you must select among the colleges located in Canada according to the region and the city you’d like to live in. Apply to the school for an acceptance letter that will be required once you submit the process of applying for a visa.

    2. Verify if You’ll Require a Student Visa

    The next step is to determine whether you require the Canadian student visa in order to pursue your studies in Canada. It is possible that you do not need the visa for students in one of the following categories:

    • You are a member of the staff or family member or a representation in Canada and the representative is recognized as a member of department of foreign affairs department of trade as well as the department of development Canada.
    • Your study course is shorter than 6 months.
    • Family member of an international armed force.
    • If you are a resident of Canada and have an Indian title in Canada.
    • You might still require the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for entry into Canada.
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    3. Make the required application for a student permit.

    If you’ve received the acceptance letters from your selected institution, you are now able to start making an application for an academic permit.

    You must submit a few documents to support this application. These documents include a evidence of your intention and your ability to sustain your financial needs while studying in Canada.

    The requirements for documents vary between countries It is possible to verify the required documents for your country by visiting the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

    4. Get all the necessary documents

    The following documents must be submitted before you can begin the application for a study permit;

    • An acceptance note from the school that you applied to.
    • Medical examination reports
    • An evidence that you have paid for your tuition fees for at minimum one year.
    • A test of your language that proves you took the test. At a minimum, you must score 6 marks in English as well as 7 in French.
    • A guaranteed investment certificate for $10,000

    5. Make your way to Canada for your first semester of studies

    If you live in a country that is not Canada You will be issued an introduction letter in the Canadian port of entry, if your application is approved, as well as the students visa (if you require a visa for entry into Canada). Two documents will allow you to be admitted to Canada and, upon arrival at the Port Of Entry, you will receive your permit to study.


    Be aware that the study permit cannot be sent by mail. You can collect it at the POE in Canada. However, if you are in Canada the study permit will be mailed to your address.

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