How To Work For The Canadian Government As An Immigrate

    Companies In Canada Hiring Foreign Workers 2021

    The number of Canadian government jobs is an incentive for many people to make it a top priority on their search for an employment opportunity in the federal government. The jobs that are available via the Canadian Civil Service are not restricted to civil or clerical service jobs. They encompass virtually every occupation and job that is available for those working in private companies. Being familiar with the information provided will give you more knowledge of the Canadian employment market and provide an accurate picture of the numerous opportunities that are available to you.


    The Canadian government provides both domestic and international career opportunities including foreign embassy jobs. Based on the job you’re applying to it is required that you are either a Canadian citizen living in Canada or reside abroad and be an Canadian citizen. If you’re not an Canadian citizens, then you are able to seek a permit that permits the worker to live in Canada. With a work permit you are not able to perform work outside of Canada, however you can apply and get hired for jobs in Canada.

    If you’re multilingual, you might have a better chances of obtaining an employment opportunity with the Canadian government as opposed to someone who only speaks one language. However, this doesn’t mean that you must only be able to speak French or English. Spanish, German and other important languages are a plus particularly if you’re seeking a job in a different country. Be aware that many companies in Canada will require you to pass and pass an written and oral test in foreign languages. If you’re required to refresh your second language prior to when you apply or when you are taking the test this is the best right time to start.

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    Recent Government of Canada Jobs


    SAP System Administrator: View & Apply

    Technical Outreach Officer: View and Apply

    Regional Director Quebec: View & Apply

    Research Support Application Specialist: View and Apply

    Research Associate Program: View and Apply

    Validation Lead, GMP Biologics: View & Apply

    Industry Technology Advisor Information and Communications Technology: View & Apply

    Health Advisor for Environment, Safety and Health: View and apply

    Agent: View and Apply for Help Desk


    A variety of job openings within the Government of Canada jobs can be found in Canadian public service job advertisements. Career prospects in the public sector are good if you’re patient and motivation. You should also be flexible in your job search and a thorough knowledge of the recruitment process.

    If you’re seeking jobs anywhere in your home country of United States, Canada, Mexico or any other place around the globe, make sure that your resume is current to date, you know the job description and responsibilities and are familiar with the organization or department that you’re applying for. If you look inexperienced during your interview, it may affect your chances of being employed.

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