Office Clerk Job at Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc. Cannington, Ontario Canada

    Office Clerk Job at Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc. Cannington, Ontario Canada

    An Office Clerk is responsible for various administrative and clerical duties within an company such as the preparation of paperwork, scheduling meetings and maintaining company documents. Also called Receptionists or Office Assistants, they can be found in hospitals, schools as well as businesses.


    Office Clerk Job at Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc. Cannington, Ontario Canada

    Our company is seeking an Office Clerk with experience to manage all administrative and clerical tasks. If you’re a meticulous professional with years of experience in clerical tasks then we’re looking for you. As a clerical assistant you’ll take a major role in making sure that the everyday office operations are running smoothly. Anyone who is legally able to work in Canada is eligible to apply for the position. If you’re not currently legally authorized for work within Canada The employer will not take into consideration the application for employment.


    An efficient office clerk will be able to put in the effort to keep the office running smoothly. You should be trustworthy and reliable with exceptional communication abilities. The ideal candidate should be proficient with office equipment and processes. Your responsibilities include answering phones, dispersing messages, maintaining minutes and managing company file systems. To be successful in this position you need to be a trustworthy and self-motivated professional with exceptional ability to organize. The ideal candidate should know basic administrative processes for office and bookkeeping.

    Job Description

    Organization of Jobs: Pefferlaw Peat Products Inc.


    Job Location: Cannington, Ontario Canada

    Type of Employment: Full time (Day)

    Compensation: $14.25 hourly for 40 hours per week

    Languages: English


    Education:No degree, certificate, or diploma

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    Will you train?

    Transportation/Travel Information

    There is no public transportation available.


    • Keep minutes of meetings as well as transcriptions.
    • Answer the phone, relay messages, and direct calls to the correct department.
    • Keep company documents and files to ensure that they are kept up-to-date.
    • Perform basic bookkeeping tasks.
    • Send bills or invoices, contracts, and bills.
    • Assistance in office administration and organizational processes.
    • Keep track of the inventory of office equipment and inform management of any shortages.
    • Make travel arrangements and plan your travel as well as venues for company events.
    • Plan meetings and organize various departments’ activities and calendars.
    • Perform unloading by counting, weighing, counting or sorting all inbound articles , and cross-check the invoice or the requisition list.
    • Manage your mail and ensure it is delivered to the right recipients. use postage stamps on mail shipments and ensure that the mail is in line with postal regulations.
    • Assist with copying, collecting and distribute office papers at times and as needed.

    Particular Skills

    • Proofread and type correspondence forms, documents and other correspondence
    • Sort, process and confirm applications, receipts and other documents
    • Get and transmit messages
    • Offer general information to clients and the general public.
    • Label document, file and retrieve it
    • Forward and receive telephone calls or electronic inquiries


    • A high school diploma, or an similar qualifications.
    • Minimum of two years of experience in the clerical field.
    • A solid understanding of office procedures as well as basic accounting procedures.
    • Proficient in MS Office.
    • Amazing communication and organizational abilities.
    • You must be a quick typing expert with exceptional multi-tasking capabilities.
    • Physical and Work Environments
    • The environment is fast-paced and exciting.
    • Repetitive tasks
    • Attention to detail
    • Sitting and standing. walking, standing
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    Method of Application

    A resume is required prior to applying. The application process is by email or the fax.

    By email: [email protected]

    By Fax: 705-437-2380






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