Simple Minimum Requirement To Be A Self-Employed Immigrant In Canada

    How to get a job in Canada as a newcomer

    The Canadian Self-Employed Program permits self-employed citizens who are active in sports or social activities to establish themselves within Canada as permanent residents.


    How to get a job in Canada as a newcomer

    The applicants who are eligible for Self-Employed Persons Program must have the skills, experience and the capacity to make the “noteworthy commitment” to Canada’s sporting life or social life in Canada.


    Inquiring applicants must satisfy both the qualifications requirements and get an at-least passing mark according to the criteria of choice in order to be considered to be self-employed individuals.

    Farmers or ranchers who are self-employed skilled athletes, those who are involved in the expression of Human Experience (Arts) and the cultural industries who prove they could be self-employed productively in Canada are eligible to apply for a visa for business when they meet the eligibility criteria of The Federal Self-Employed Persons Program.


    Qualifying to the Program

    To be eligible for the self-employed program for individuals, you must meet the four main requirements:

    • You’ll be prepared to work for yourself in Canada.
    • You (and your family members) must undergo medical test (necessary physical tests) and sign police statements to the countries in which you resided for more than 6 consecutive months following the age of 18.
    • It is important to have relevant experience in the period of (I) 5 years prior to the date of your application and (II) the time a decision is made in your application, whether in athletic or social activities:
    • Not less than two years in self-employment (can be composed of two separate consecutive years) or
    • Two years or more of investing in global exercises (can be made up of two separate periods of 1 year each) or

    It is not less than a combination consisting of one full year self-employment (see 1. ) and one year of assistance in general exercises (see 2. ).

    You must satisfy the criteria for determination for self-employed persons This means you must score at minimum 35 points out of 100. You can find out how many points you’ll need below.


    Selection Criteria in the Federal Self-Employed Program


    Apart from meeting the work qualifications for experience, a person is also able to be evaluated on an arbitrary system of points, which gives the best chance of determining the eligibility of an employment visa for self-employed people.

    Selection Criteria Maximum Points

    • Education 25
    • Experience 35
    • Age 10
    • Proficiency in English or French 24

    Total 100

    In the Self-Employed Persons Program, qualified jobs in Canada’s artistic fields, athletic, and social include:

    • Bookkeepers,
    • Editors and writers,
    • Singers,
    • Artists,
    • Movie stars and comedic actors.
    • Photographers,
    • Athletes and their mentors (i.e. Coaches),
    • Designers, etc.

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