Top 10 Best LMIA Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

    Truck Drivers Needed At Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario | Driving Job Opening

    The shorter form LMIA is generated whenever one attempts to locate jobs in Canada. It’s a document that outlines the requirements to be eligible for Canadian job opportunities. Unfortunately, only a handful of people know what it is and how it affects your career prospects.


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    What exactly is LMIA?

    LMIA is a Labor Market Impact Assessment and is a form that employers should obtain to find a foreign specialist. It is a proof of the need to fill a particular position and that there isn’t any Canadian or resident permanent available to fill the vacant position. With an LMIA the employer is able to employ foreign skilled and untrained specialists, as long as they (candidates) have a valid entry into the country.


    1. Truck Driver

    Truck Drivers Needed At Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario | Driving Job Opening


    The horticulture industry, mine explorations oil and gas, as well as agriculture are the most important sectors in Canada which are heavily dependent on transportation infrastructure. It’s no surprise that trucks are loved by the public.

    Drivers of trucks are sought after for all purposes all Canadian territory. Some have dedicated to attracting foreign truck drivers. Even though you’ll need an LMIA to obtain the truck driver’s work permit however, Canada has allowed employers to hire truck drivers without a permit. Canadian government has given employers the right to employ immigrants without the document in order to fill the job shortage in the region.

    2. Farm Supervisor

    As we have mentioned the agricultural sector is an essential element of the economy of the country. There is a requirement for farm directors across various areas, including livestock, grain, aquaculture and agricultural creation industries. There are more than 2.3 million workers in the agricultural sector and the need for more specialists is growing.


    3. Caregiver


    Canada has a large population of the elderly. Add to that the fact that it has a low birth rate and you have an opening for immigrants to work as caregivers. This program, called the Caregiver Pilot Program permits immigrants to serve as caregivers in homes or child guardians, paying no regard to the work experience they have had. They’ll have to satisfy various requirements such as educational qualifications, language proficiency as well as an invitation to government officials. Canadian government.

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    After being an aid for two or more years and having acquired sufficient experience should be eligible to apply in for permanent residence.

    4. Software Engineering

    The technology sector in Canada is booming and jobs in this sector are an important pillar. Canada is one of the top countries for technological advancements and the need for programmers will only increase in the long run. The sector has employed nearly 1 million persons, and has urban communities like, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa and Vancouver ranking among the top 20 cities that have the top tech talent across North America. The most prominent positions within the sector include Artificial Intelligence (AI), development of programming, as well as cybersecurity.

    The best regions to concentrate on when seeking a job in the field of software engineering is British Columbia and Alberta, with software engineers being one of the top-demand abilities within their PNP. People who seek an Alberta-based job through Alberta’s PNP are able to benefit from a restricted time frame of two months.


    5. Construction Managers

    The construction and building zones is plentiful particularly within Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. These regions have received applications by way of their PNP frameworks, as they have planned for long-term foundation and development projects. It is clear that construction professionals are sought after for a considerable period of time.

    The construction industry is constantly expanding in the residential sector in the hopes to build housing units for the more than 1.23 million foreign professionals who are expected to enter the country by 2023.

    6. Professionals in Oil and Gas Drilling

    Canada is blessed with numerous natural resources. Mineral exploration, including surface as well as in-ground mining has been an integral part of the economy. It has employed more than 1.7 million Canadians as permanent residents, as well as skilled foreign professionals. Canada is the fourth-largest petroleum and gaseous petrol reserves and trades fuel to more than 150 countries around the world.

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    Ontario as well as BC are on the cutting edge of finding skilled oil and gas drillers via both the OINP or BC PNP immigration programs, each. The applicants do not need an employment permit to be able to get the job as they will automatically receive 600 points of permanent residency following the successful nomination to provincial office.

    7. Registered Nurses

    Despite the fact that the health sector in Canada has been under strain over the last few weeks, they have always advertised job possibilities for nurses in the medical field. Alongside doctors medical nurses are among the most sought-after skills in Canada.

    The applicants for jobs as expert medical health professionals can choose to work for a government or health facility and both offer substantial benefits. You also get the option of a 15-day sick or maternity leave that is more than 90% pay of a week’s salary. Additionally, you receive the public administration’s health plan.

    8. Web Developers

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    In Canada the amount of online companies and platforms are being created and this means internet developers have become highly sought-after today and sooner. Canada welcomes tech professionals through several entry routes, including one called the Global Talent Stream, which provides fast visas to talented and knowledgeable tech experts who can obtain working permits in less than one fortnight. The British Columbia’s Tech Pilot and Express Entry Programs are excellent options for web developers who wish to be employed in Canada.

    9. Electrician

    The projects for development in Canada will require experts with specialized expertise such as electricians. The six main areas that have the potential for electricians include Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Yukon along with in the Northwest districts. Other provincial and government programs offer permanent residency for those who qualify through the Federal Trades Program in the Express Entry System or PNPs and Atlantic Immigration Pilot program, which is a great option for anyone who wishes to reside in a coastal area.

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    10. Structural Engineer/Civil Engineer


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    Apart from the enticing benefits of being an engineer, whether structural or civil in Canada the candidates will also continue to live their lives exactly like native Canadians do. New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are the top three areas with the highest need to hire civil engineers. One advantage of seeking an opportunity that is popular is the fact that you can pursue this under any type of migration route provided that you satisfy the work qualifications, experience, age and English capacity requirements.

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