Top 5 Easiest Provinces To Immigrate To This Year For Africans

    The 2021 year was a rough year for immigrants as well as Canada. The number of immigrants who were expected to migrate to Canada via various programs for immigration was not enough. In actual fact the strict international regulations and lockdowns ensured that nobody was allowed to leave or enter Canada with the exception of certain circumstances.


    This year has great potential for international students as well as immigrants looking to relocate to Canada and settle in Canada. It is believed that the Canadian government has said that the country requires many more new immigrants to fill up the many jobs that are vacant. That means that many potential applicants and immigrants will be selected for moving to Canada and because there are jobs available for you, your visa process will be quicker.

    While Canada requires an increase in immigrants, they have to choose the right provinces for you to migrate to, or choose provinces that have easy immigration programs to speed up the process of obtaining a visa. There are provinces within Canada that offer greater options in terms of visas for new immigrants, which makes them more able to take on more people. There is also the possibility of some provinces having jobs and vacant positions due to the fact that they offer more jobs or have older population and therefore are more in demand to attract more immigrants. So which provinces are most easy to get into?


    The 5 provinces with the easiest immigration process to move to this year


    It is one of the most populous and well-known provinces in Canada that is so large it offers thousands of jobs each year to newcomers. It is among the top destinations for immigrants looking to live urban living. However, it isn’t the most affordable location to reside in Canada However, due to the numerous open jobs and a large number of immigrants, they will be sought out in the thousands each year. The province is known for its abundance of tech jobs, and is hosts a variety of tech-related industries in Canada.

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    If you think of top provinces with plenty of jobs throughout the year to immigrants Alberta will not be too far from the front. The immigration program of this province is among the most well-known programs in Canada that offers quick-track visas for immigrants. They also keep an invitation record for applicants who have lower CRS scores and the most recent invitation was sent out to those who have a CRS score of 300.



    The province of Saskatchewan isn’t the biggest , but they do hold the record for the most jobs on the NOC codes, which is more than 200 jobs. Anyone who has family members who reside within Saskatchewan or a family member living in the province will be awarded the CRS scores in addition in addition to their express admission score. This will increase the chances of gaining immigration.


    It is one of the provinces in Canada that has French as their primary language. Immigrants who speak French prefer moving to Canada because the French language spoken by the province of Quebec is more easy to learn. Jobs and vacancies typically requiring people who have French fluency, so this might be a better chance for immigrants.

    Prince Edward Island

    When we look at the list of open positions or the list and numbers of jobs that are available in Canada and the United States, this Canadian region is home to a higher quantity of immigrants.

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