Truck Drivers Needed At Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario | Driving Job Opening

    Truck Drivers Needed At Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario | Driving Job Opening

    Are you a trucker looking for a job in Canada and earn income? If so, then there is a possibility for you to join the workforce for a company in Canada with Autobot Transport located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.


    Truck Drivers Needed At Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario | Driving Job Opening

    Job Description

    Languages: English


    Education: No degree, certificate or diploma

    Credentials (certificates, licences, memberships, courses, etc. ) such as AZ class license


    Experience from Seven months to less than one year

    Work Location Information: Different locations

    Type of Equipment and Trucking Straight truck (4,600kgplus or 10,000lbs+ ) with 3or more axles)

    Personal Ability: Team player Organized


    Truck drivers in Canada


    Truck driving jobs in Canada are among the most important and sought-after jobs within the Canadian market. Because of the nature of this occupation and the amount of work it could be, a lot of foreigners or job seekers would rather not pursue this kind of job.

    If you are able to manage the demands and monotonous nature of this kind of job, you may earn more money than other job in Canada. Truck drivers are highly demanded since not many people are actually willing to take on the job. Therefore, you should apply now to begin your career as trucker in Canada.

    Businesses in Canada that are looking for people with this ability are willing to pay high salaries and other benefits for those who have the necessary experience and qualifications. When you are a truck driver, you must transport items from one place to another. This can enable you to travel to different breathtaking locations across Canada and also allow you to take pleasure in being a part of Canada.

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    The job of truck driver has amazing benefits. The median salary of truck drivers in Canada every year is about 30,000 and that’s the lowest you can earn, taking into account advantages and other benefits. Working as a truck driver Canada isn’t an easy task it is a full time job, as you spend the majority of the day in the car and only have a few minutes of minutes to sleep.

    Who can be qualified to be a Truck Driver in Canada?


    As it is a skilled trades job and that you don’t need an academic degree to qualify for this job. The minimum needed for truck drivers is the high school diploma or AZ Class driver’s licence. This is which allows you to earn money and work in Canada Before you apply you must receive an official letter from an Canadian employer.

    Essential Skills for a truck driver in Canada

    • You must have documentation Knowledge since you’ll write Reports on your trip; Inspection report (pre-trip or en-route and post-trip) The logbook for the driver and Bill of Lading
    • You’ll be expected to carry out the loading and unloading of products; join two-man driver team. Conduct pre-trip, on route or post-trip check-ups.
    • You’re qualified to operate and utilize GPS (Global Positioning System) and other equipment for navigation.
    • You should be prepared and capable of driving trucks, and be able to travel across borders.
    • The work is typically physically demanding. You have to comply with the physical requirements.
    • You must possess a valid permit and valid certificate in order to be a driver in Canada

    How to Apply to Become the next Truck Driver

    To apply for this position for this position at Autobot Transport in Brampton, Ontario. Apply directly to Autobot Transport directly through the company via email, or with all the necessary documents. Email: [email protected]

    Working in Canada This is easy Steps

    • You need to get an employment letter from an company located in Canada to become truck driver within Canada.
    • Apply for temporary visas for work and other programs to work in Canada. Be sure to meet the conditions to work in Canada.
    • Another alternative is to take one of the Canadian Express Entry which offers immigrants a fast track route to Canada.

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