University of Waterloo Scholarships for International Students

    University of Waterloo Scholarships for International Students

    University of Waterloo Scholarships for International Students


    University of Waterloo Scholarships for International Students

    The University of Waterloo is a public research university that is located within Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1959 and has since become one of the largest higher education institutions across the nation. This is the main campus within Uptown Waterloo, less than 100 km from Toronto. The university is comprised of six faculties which comprise 13 schools.

    The University was founded as a engineering school to address the increasing need for engineers and technicians in Canada following World War 2. In the course of time the university grew exponentially and now houses more than 4000 students from around the world. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the scholarship opportunities for international students in Waterloo’s University of Waterloo.


    International Students Statistics

    Of the 40,000 students, 10,000 come non-Canadian. Canada which makes Canada’s University of Waterloo one of the most international universities in the nation. This is particularly true for graduate programs, in which nearly 50% of students are from abroad.

    One of the primary factors behind the substantial international presence of the university is the variety of resources they have available. The university provides free services for immigration consultation as well as assist to get all of your documents organized throughout your time at the university. The university also has an International Peer Community, which brings students from different countries together, assisting them to form new relationships and adjust to their new surroundings.


    As an international student with a visa you can also be eligible for health insurance coverage, which will cover any dental and medical expenses that you might incur throughout your study. If you are a student struggling to learn learning the English language, there’s an English tutoring program that is designed to bring them up level with the language in the shortest time possible.

    Fees for Tuition for International Students

    Costs for tuition for undergraduate studies vary from $32,000 to $48,000 annually, according to the institution you’re applying to. Graduate studies cost around $6,000 per term.

    Find the exact tuition fees for each program on this page the for graduate and undergraduate.

    International Admissions Guide at University of Waterloo


    The admissions process to all colleges in Ontario is similar. In order to begin the process, you will need to sign up for the Ontario Universities Account Center (OUAC) account on the internet. Then, you will be directed through the procedure. After submitting your application, it is expected that you be required to submit all of the required documentation and then allow it to be evaluated by university staff. It could take several weeks, and after that they will notify you via an email with any additional actions you might require. For more details go to this website.


    Application Fee at University of Waterloo

    The fee for application to all universities within Ontario which includes Waterloo University. University of Waterloo is $120. This will permit you to apply to three programs. If you would like to apply to other programs, you’ll have to pay an additional $40 for each program you want to apply for.

    University of Waterloo Admissions Requirements for international Students

    For any program for undergraduate or graduate student applicants must show proof that you’ve obtained good grades in subjects relevant to the program you’re applying to. If your primary language isn’t English then you’ll be required to be able to pass an English test with a high enough score.

    Many programs also include an admissions assessment test, in which your understanding of the relevant subjects will be assessed to ensure that you’re qualified to attend the course. Additional requirements might apply in accordance with the faculty or program you’d like to take part in.

    University of Waterloo Rankings

    In accordance with the Mclean’s 2020 prize, The University of Waterloo is ranked first in the areas of experiential learning in engineering, computer science and mathematics, and the 3rd overall university in Canada. It is also among the top 200 top universities around the globe as per the Times Higher Education World Rankings.

    Acceptance Rate at the University of Waterloo

    It is the University of Waterloo is one of the most difficult colleges in Canada to be admitted into. Candidates need to not only be able to pass their high school but evaluated based on their previous experience in work, volunteer activities and other extracurricular pursuits and notable achievements, among others. The accepted rate is 53 percent.


    University of Waterloo Scholarships for International Students

    Undergraduate Scholarships

    1. International Student Entrance Scholarship

    The University of Waterloo scholarship is granted to 20 exceptional international students who are entering their initial year of studying in the University of Waterloo. Only those with an admission rate of more than 90% are eligible for this scholarship . They will get a reduction of $8,000 on their tuition costs in the first year.

    There is no application required to be submitted for the University of Waterloo scholarship, except for mathematics, where students who have the highest Euclid Math Contest results will get an advantage during the selection procedure.

    2. President’s Scholarships

    First-year international students who have admission rates of greater than 85% also automatically get any of President’s awards. The only additional condition is that the applicant is enrolled in a first-year program in the very first instance. Based on the admission rate percentage, students will receive between $1000 and $1,600 reduction in tuition costs when they receive this scholarship from Waterloo University. University of Waterloo.

    Students who have an admissions rate of more than 95%, other benefits might also be offered. The scholarships can also be accessed at the end of your study, subject to the condition that you have completed your initial year at minimum 88%.

    Other than the two mentioned above There are also general scholarships at the University of Waterloo available, in addition to specific scholarships for each faculties you can learn more information about them here.


    Graduate Scholarships

    1. President’s Graduate Scholarship

    The scholarship has been offered by McMaster University since 1999. Like the name suggests, it was established through The Graduate Students Association under the initiative of the McMaster Student Opportunity Fund. The University of Waterloo scholarship for international graduate students is given to both part-time and full-time students in all faculties. It is awarded each year to a student who is selected through the Graduate Students Association.

    But, it’s important to note that international students cannot get all the money they need in terms of tuition fees, regardless of what award they are granted. This scholarship isn’t an exception but it does be able to cover a significant portion of tuition.

    2. International Master’s and International Doctoral Student Awards

    It is a requirement that the IMSA also known as IMDA is offered to all qualified international graduate students attending the University of Waterloo. The two primary prerequisites for applicants to be eligible to receive this scholarship at University of Waterloo are for the students to not receive any other kind of tuition assistance currently as well as to demonstrate impressive academic excellence prior to their application. It means, not all students from abroad are eligible for the scholarship.

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