Why Canada Is The Best Destination For Immigrants

    Canada welcomes 5,000 new immigrants in the Latest Draw

    Over the years, massive interest in moving to Canada have been generated all over the world. Apart from being as the nation with the highest peace and a sense of personal satisfaction, Canada draws immigrants from different ethnicities who are looking for more greener pastures. They also point to getting their lives improved by the numerous opportunities available in Canada.


    Moving to Canada is easy for newcomers as long as they adhere to the immigration laws that have been enacted through the various Canadian immigration programs. There are various routes, that include studying, working temporary residence spouse sponsorship, and other programs that immigrants are able to consider when relocation to Canada.


    The programs include more than 100 which people are able to explore in the event they decide to relocate to Canada. The programs are all governed by guidelines that cover qualification, the charges for inclusion, and the process that have been used by many to get to their dream destination. The Canadian government continues to support the programs in order to meet a variety of needs, especially for the job market across the many provinces in Canada.

    Canada the most popular destination for Immigrants but there is still hundred of millions of space for everyone.


    Research conducted by Remitly has revealed that Canada is undoubtedly the most sought-after destination for many people. The research resulted in an analysis of search results with terms related to emigration across 100 countries.

    Based on the results, Canada led as the best destination for 29 countries that prompted their desire to move to Canada. Following Canada it was Japan as the second-placed contender, with interest from 13 countries. The countries that were have been highlighted as potential destinations are Germany, Qatar, and Australia as well as Australia and the United States at the ninth position.

    Remitly used Google search data to conduct their research. They did this by analyzing monthly search volumes across 100 countries for terms that suggested potential goals, plans and plans to relocate to a different country. Remitly made sure they considered inquiries in every languages.

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    Canada has been the focus of a variety of people, specifically based on the low rate of unemployment and universal free medical treatment rather than other nations. Individuals who are looking for goals and want to relocate to Canada come from all continents.


    Africa is at the top of an African continent that has the attention of several Africans across the globe with plans and desires to relocate to Canada. The majority of them are motivated by the desire for more green pastures and enhance their living conditions, especially due to the an extremely high rate of unemployment in Africa. It is believed that the thirteen African Countries with significant interests in Canada in the context of the Remitly study appear to be; Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania. Tunisia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


    On across the Asian continent Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan as well as Qatar comprise the countries which prompted the study. Indian Nationals are currently present in large amounts in Canada which is 44% of foreigners who reside in Canada.

    European nations have also shown an interest to move to Germany but Canada was the second country in trend with interest from Belgium, France, Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Canada is an North American nation, however it hasn’t stopped the ambitions for the other North American nations from craving to decision to move to Canada. Some of the countries from North America wanting to move to Canada are: Bahamas, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica. Mexico, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda as well as in the Dominican Republic.

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