Work As a Chef at Brar Sweets & Restaurant in Brampton | Vacancy Available Now

    Work As a Chef at Brar Sweets & Restaurant in Brampton | Vacancy Available Now

    Are you an experienced chef or cook looking for work in Canada? Find your chance to live and work in Canada through this job.


    Work As a Chef at Brar Sweets & Restaurant in Brampton | Vacancy Available Now

    Job Location: Brampton, Ontario Canada


    Languages: English Language

    Experience from 2 years up to less than three years


    Additional Skills Required: Keep documents of the cost of food and consumption, sales, and the inventory

    Pay Range: Salary wage for this position is $20/hour for 40-hours per week.

    Nationality: Any nationality is able to be used to apply

    Education: Secondary (high) school certificate of graduation


    Type of Employment: Permanent Employment Full time


    Physical Capabilities and Work Conditions:

    • A fast-paced, dynamic environment
    • You must be able to work under stress
    • The job is physically demanding
    • Tight deadlines
    • Specialist Chefs and chefs require specific skills
    • Develop new recipes
    • Prepare and cook special and complete meals for special occasions such as banquets or parties
    • Instruction to cooks when making meals
    • Cooking
    • Food presentation and garnishing
    • Supervise other cooks and kitchen staff.
    • Personal Fitness
    • Effective interpersonal abilities
    • Flexibility
    • Excellent oral communication
    • Dependability

    The Chefs’ responsibilities and duties in Canada:

    Chef is in charge of food preparation, decorating, and cooking , and prepares special meals as in accordance with the orders of the customers. Chefs are hired specifically for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, as well as other health care facilities as well as similar establishments central food commissaries as well as cruise ships.

    Essentials and Responsibilities that an executive chef has:

    • Direct and plan the cooking and food preparation activities according to the needs of guests of restaurants and hotels in hospitals, establishments or other establishments that offer food services.
    • Discuss with your customers weddings, banquets, as well as other special occasions.
    • Make attractive menus and ensure that that the food you serve is in line with quality standards.
    • Estimate the requirements for food service and can estimate food materials and cost of labor.
    • Supervise the performance of sous-chefs junior chefs, specialist chefs, line cooks, and sous-chefs.
    • Make sure you are in control of purchases for equipment and maintenance
    • Hire and recruit cooks
    • Can cook and prepare food regularly or on demand or for guests, special occasions or special occasions.
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    Obligations and Responsibilities of Sous-chef:

    • Monitor the performance of specialists chef, chefs in junior line cooks, and any other kitchen assistants
    • Present new cooking techniques and the latest equipment to cooks.
    • It is possible to plan menus and request food items and kitchen equipment
    • You can prepare meals or special dishes.
    • Help other chefs with new discoveries and dishes

    Other duties and responsibilities of Chefs:

    • Make complete meals or other specialty dishes, such as sauces, soups, desserts as well as salads, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat dishes. Also, manage attractive food displays for special occasions like banquets.
    • Instructions to cooks for the preparation, garnishing, and preparation of food items.
    • Create and demonstrate innovative international and local recipes
    • Supervise cooks, as well as other kitchen staff.
    • Perhaps in charge of arranging menu items
    • Perhaps in charge of requisitioning kitchen equipment and food items

    Method of Application

    The way to apply is via email or the fax. You must submit your CV and details to the email address below, or call me via the fax.

    By email: [email protected]

    By Fax: 905-799-1541


    The opportunity is valid through the 9th February of 2021 and the jobs offered here are open to all nations. Anyone with a valid work permit that allows them to legally be employed in Canada is eligible to apply for this position. If you do not have an authorization to work and have no legal right to be employed in Canada then the employer will not take you into consideration for this position.

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